Millennia-old hopes and beliefs that there is life on the Moon have finally gained ground after Tyler Glockner and his associates discovered footage of sightings that show what appears to be buildings and highways on the surface of our only heavenly sputnik. Glockner stated last week that this footage had been kept secret and concealed by NASA for over two decades. Meanwhile, a prominent Russian former astronaut, who asked to remain anonymous, related in the interview with the RF news agency, New Normalnost’, that she has little doubts there is life on the Moon.

This scientific breakthrough, as our sources reveal, came during the recent Solar eclipse event on August 21, 2017. Using the highly advanced Nanoscale telescope lens, developed by the North Korean scientists, which on the day of the eclipse were focused on the certain spots on the Moon while it was directly in front of the Sun, the Maoist astrophysics were able to clearly discern not only the sophisticated structures on the Moon, but even its humanoid inhabitants.

Furthermore, Richard Hoagland—a former NASA consultant—confirmed to our special correspondent, Lunatic Ridge, that he personally has often observed “numerous geometric ground features,” such as colossal 3-D pyramidal and octagonal shapes, exhibiting highly unusual and evidently non-earth origin and nonregular polytope numbers. An occasional presence of such lunar non-Euclidean geometric structures as numerous, clearly discernible during the eclipse Poincaré hyperbolic disks, was further revealed by the application of that high-accuracy advanced telescopic nono-lens, installed on at the observatories in the mountainous regions of the Korean peninsula.

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