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Immigration to the MoOn

Ever since this blog was introduced into the terrestrial cyberspace, we  have been inundated with the requests for more information about the process of immigration to the MoOn. The Immigrant Visa Programme for Humans and their Attached Species […]

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Donald Trump Announces Plan to Switch his Party Membership to Democrat

Loonies, the humanoid species presently awake on the Far Side of the MoOn, were all abuzz today, Sep. 10, digesting the breaking news from their Attachment Planet, Terra. As first reported by Boris Ridgeoff, our […]

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Teacher hacked in the head during school shooting in a Moscow suburb

DELETE MY LIFE 05.09.17 Ivanteyevka, a town on the outskirts of Moscow, witnessed a school shooting yesterday morning, as reported by Medusa correspondent, Pavel Merzlikin. In the morning of September 5, in a town of […]

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Putin: “America is a truly great country because it can withstand having large population of citizens with dismal political culture.”

  Almost hysterical in its tone and intensity, American bipartisan animosity towards the Russian Federation is disheartening, astonishing, and—quite frankly—frightening. If there was one thing this gigantic failure of a president, Donald Trump, was going […]

Российский политик говорит: “Давайте ударим по Трампу нашим компроматом” на государственном телевидении

  “Российский политик пригрозил на государственном телевидении “ударить по Дональду Трампу нашим компроматом” – пишет Люси Паша-Робинсон в британской Independent. Выступая на канале “Россия 24”, Никита Исаев, ультраправый идеолог возглавляющий партию “Новая Россия,” сказал, что компромат должен быть […]