Hillary Clinton Considers Emigrating to MoOn

Today loonies were very excited by the new revelations that Hillary Clinton—bitter, enraged, despondent after her unexpected election loss last year— is considering immigrating to the MoOn. As reported to us by her personal aid, who wished to remain anonymous, Clinton has not decided yet if she wished to visit our silver Rock alive and in her own body or would rather throw herself off a cliff and get post mortally transformatively reincarnated into the ultimate fiber-reinforced Super feminoid. A powerful former first lady, senator, and secretary of state will have to learn that structure of the social fabric in the Land of the MoOn, especially on the Far Side, is quite unlike the one she has been accustomed to on her corrupt home planet. Loonies do not have the so-called “representative democracy,” thus she will not be able to run for an office, as there are no offices or elections here. In due time, however, as her age will have advanced and she will have gained some selenic wisdom, she may be recommended to join the Lunar governing body, the Supreme Authority of the Selenic Safta Yishuv (SASSY) as an Apprentice Oracle.

It’s not yet clear if her hubby is going to tag alone, but he might be seduced by the all feminoid planetary environment.

George Monbiot on system change

We need a radical change driven by the need to prevent this catastrophe, to both politics and economics. An economic system which depends which depends on the perpetual growth on a finite planet is destined to deliver disasters. We need a new economy built around the commons, built around community ownership of local resources, enabling ownership of those resources, which are not expected to deliver more, and more, and more money but is expected to deliver continued and steady prosperity to the people in those communities and the people of this planet. The system we have at the moment which is about the accumulation of capital, the continuation of growth on a planet that does not itself grow, that system is destined to push us over the cliff.

George Monbiot today on DemocracyNow! August 31/17