Moon is covered in Wrinkle Ridges. Earth is covered in scars that may look like them from afar. Wrinkle Ridge is a cyberspace, physically located in Canada, on the Indigenous Land.

We believe that there are no simple answers to the causes of human conflicts and suffering—rather, a complex interplay of historical, social, political, and economic  circumstances; and, likewise, there are no simple solutions to resolve them. However, War cannot possibly be one of those solutions. We all must strive to prevent it. We live in extraordinary times: extraordinary dangerous, but also pregnant with unprecedented possibilities. One thing that is certain, however, in order to achieve any lasting Peace on Earth, we absolutely must change our Foundational Myths. It’s time to let go of the five thousand-year-old flawed Patriarchal Creation Story, the story of expansion, greed, envy, hierarchy, conquest, racial superiority, and rape.  This Ideology must be wholly discarded.

We, therefore, aspire to add our voice to those of others who decry exploitation of human beings by one another, as well as the mistreatment of other species and of our exhausted biosphere. We wish to encourage a return to our roots, embedded in an ancient memory that is stored there, in the Land of the Moon, with its eternal rhythms and tides, and its foundation in the primacy of female wisdom and courage. The appreciation of our own mortality and vulnerability; the experience of the immense effort involved in birthing and nurturing human Life in all its diversity of form and expression; the realization of our absolute need for the living universe around us—all may eventually propel us to concentrate more on sharing and helping rather than on getting and winning.

In the Land of the Moon, we acknowledge the need to slow down and to recognize the constraints of our biological nature. We need t stop ripping, consuming, occupying space, and reproducing—ourselves and our misery—in these mind-boggling numbers. Still, we are looking for a way to incorporate into this process the extraordinary wealth of knowledge acquired during the past few centuries of intellectual exploration (while acknowledging it had been bankrolled by world-scale robbery and exploitation). We believe that knowledge must be shared, it belongs to all people. We believe that knowledge cannot in itself be corrupt, harmful, or evil—but it can be used to the detriment of Life. The spirit of discovery and invention is one of humanity’s best gifts; by exerting pressure on political and scientific establishments we can make sure that discoveries are not made to line the pockets of a few at the expense of many, but rather to feed, clothe, shelter, and make happy every child — and his Mama — on this planet.