Teacher hacked in the head during school shooting in a Moscow suburb


Ivanteyevka, a town on the outskirts of Moscow, witnessed a school shooting yesterday morning, as reported by Medusa correspondent, Pavel Merzlikin.

In the morning of September 5, in a town of Ivanteyevka, Moscow Oblast, a 15 year old high school student, Mikhail P., came to School #1 carrying an air gun, home-made firecrackers, and a small kitchen hatchet, hidden inside a large bag and underneath his military-style long coat. He opened fire severely injuring one teacher in her head; he first shot and then hacked her with the hatchet leaving her with an open head wound.

Before he went to school to perform his ter-act, as the Russians call it (short for terrorist act) Mikhail had left a message on the social media writing, Delete my Life, 05.09.17. Three teenagers got injured jumping out of the second story windows. “He came to kill us because we made fun of his clothes,” said one of Mikhail’s classmates.

Today, the teenager was charged with attempted murder. Mikhail P. was reportedly obsessed with the film “Bowling for Columbine” and the main perpetrators in the mass school shooting there, Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold. His classmates told the reporters that Mikhail constantly talked about  Harris and Klebold and expressed the desire to “follow in their footsteps.” His BKontact” username was Klebold. He was buying and wearing clothes that these two sociopaths wearing and filled his social network profiles with their pictures and

When Mikhail first entered his classroom, the computer science teacher, 39 year-old Ludmila Kalmykova, refused to let him in as he was late. She also objected to his outfit, the long military-style coat and the combat boots and a military-style bag, which he actually had been wearing to school for a long time. Incensed, the teenager started shouting, “I  came here to die (using the Russian word zdohnut’, meaning to perish not as a human but as an animal), I have been dreaming about this for a year.” He then started throwing around firecrackers, the explosions of which caused panic throughout the school. Kids in the computer science class started jumping out of the windows or running to hide (just the day before they were taught to do so during the drill).  The younger children, who were also schooled in this building on different floors, were weeping “hysterically.” Mikhail then shot the teacher in the head and proceeded to hack her with his kitchen hatchet.

After that, he ran to the staircase and started climbing stairs to get to the 4th floor where he intended to kill some of his classmates for “laughing at him and his clothes.” However, his intended victims were all gone by then, while the police in helmets and bulletproof vests ran in and apprehended the teen.

Mikhail had been telling his classmates and friends that he is preparing a ter-act, but no one believed him, since there seemed to be no reason for the teen to be upset about anything nor was he from a troubled family. However, some students report that he was frequently bullied and ostracized.

Even though the troubled teen had repeatedly warned his classmates about his violent fantasies and desire commit mass murder, and despite his infatuation with the Columbine massacre, and even despite the fact that one of the girls reported this problem to the school authorities, not a single person has troubled themselves to investigate the matter. In the morning, before he went to school, Mikhail called and texted his 12 year old sister and some friends and told them to get out of the school immediately. This time, like before, no one wanted to take him seriously.

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