Talented Young Artist and Businessman Murdered in Moscow by Thugs

Stanislav Dumkin, a 29 year old blogger from St-Petersburg, who relocated to Moscow two years ago to, as he had said, “develop his career,” died on August 20th in a Moscow hospital from severe brain injury. On August 12 Stas Dumkin was attacked by three drunken hooligans while taking a late night walk in the sprawling downtown Gorki Park with three friends, one male and two females. On August 25 the news of his death spread over the internet after the Russian site Mash BKontact announced the news.

Apparently, the attack started when they ripped off Stan’s hat and glasses, and smashed them on the ground. According to witnesses they were unhappy with his dress style, which they claimed, in slang, was “not appropriate.” One can surmise, his style was too Western, perhaps even resembling a gay man’s dress, as someone on in the Russian circles has suggested. After the incident attracted much attention on the social media, while his father accused the police of being disinterested and inept, Moscow authorities made a statement that the police could not assist the Park’s security due to being very busy with a sporting event in Moscow.

After his hat and glasses were ripped off, which is a typical mode of attack or robbery in Moscow, Stas was thrown flat on his back onto the payment, which apparently caused critical head injury. While their victim was lying motionless on the ground, the attackers continued to mercilessly strike Stas. He was later admitted to a hospital in a comatose state, with severe brain injury. He died a week later, never regaining his consciousness.

The ensuing events display the deeply disturbing side of the shady and inept nature the Russian law enforcement that the Russian people inherited from the Soviet times and that still mires their lives in everyday misery.

Here is a video of the interview with Stanislav’s father, Vitaly Dumkin, where the elder Dumkin states that the police had failed to even inform the family about the fate of their son and thought the entire week the young comatose man was at the hospital, the police had not contacted the family even once. Stas’s parents, who still live in St. Petersburg, are naturally devastated by the events. In this heartbreaking interview Vitaly Dumkin keeps repeating, “We still don’t know anything, we don’t know anything.” Looks like the family doesn’t possess either enough money or vital connections with powerful people to get the case properly investigated and brought to justice. Mr. Dumkin also says that after being finally informed about their son’s tragedy, they came to Moscow and found their son unconscious on the hospital bed. “We spend every by his bedside, hoping against hope that our presence will help and that the unconscious Stas is able to feel our love,” says Vitaly through tears. He further states that the police “know the perpetrators” but either fail or unable to do anything about that crime. “The prosecutor said to me,” he continues, “that he was surprised the suspect was not arrested.”


Stas’ friends write on the social media that “men in the aggressive drunken state are able to move freely in public spaces. Often a drunken thug can be seen harassing the subway passengers, ” with no intervention from the authorities, “while a regular citizen is forced to put their backpack though an x-ray machine.” (Dmitry Zubov)

Stas Dumkin has left behind an impressive collection of photographs, which are posted on his Instagram page, that boasts 17 thousand followers.


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