VLADIMIR — a man who beholds the world

Vladimir Putin turned sixty five years old On October 7. A Russian politician, Vladimir Zhirinovsky, and Friends sent him the following BDay message.

“I congratulate president of Russia, Vladimir Putin, with his 65th birthday. Thus is the age of political wisdom. You are a patriot of Russia! I am fascinated by strong and intelligent men. And today is a birthday of a man who, for everyone, represents these qualities. You are—and I am not afraid to say that—a true world leader.

Vladimir Zhirinovsky after being awarded by Putin during ceremony in Moscow, Sept. 22/16. (AP Photo/Ivan Sekretarev, pool)

As you have the entire country to behold,

I would not even wish you anything else.

You epitomize for us the authority, hope, and support in this difficult time. You personally demonstrate to us how to not only withstand a strike, but to also strike back. As you have the entire country to behold, I would not even wish you anything. Only a man with such lofty and courageous soul can conquer the hearts of people all over the world. Happy Birthday, Vladimir Vladimirovich! Yours Vladimir Zhi, Olga Buzova, Stas Mikhailov, famous boxers, Lolita Miljavsky, and Ramzan Kadyrov.”

editor note: Vladimir in Slavic means a man who possesses or beholds (Vlad) the world (Mir).



One of the birthday presents to Putin was a painting by a St. Petersburg artist, Alexey Sergienko. The painting is a remake of the author’s earlier work, in which the president was pictured cuddling a large puppy. Mr. Sergienko added the following statement to the new release of this picture.

“This object of art represents a remake of my popular panting “Putin With a Puppy” (oil on canvas, 100 x 100 cm). Gold is a symbol of supremacy, stability, purity, and power. The daisies represent love, kindness, and Motherland. The image of the president holding a puppy is an embodiment of the future success, security, confidence in tomorrow.”

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