HOMEOPATHY FOR CHILDREN: This site contains free information about alternative medicine. Our Naturopathic Cyberclinic was created for the on-line treatment of children’s diseases with homeopathy. We accept simple acute cases of illness for on-line professional consultation—for more information, please, check with Marcia at the Reception.

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w Hi, my name is Dr. O'Malley, and I am the pricipal of this school.
w The MoonLand School was built for the serious students of homeopathy. If you are one, welcome.

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If you have any questions, suggestions, or submissions, please email to school@moonland.com
Fax 1(800) 813-7172 or 1(416) 536-6700

bwIn these cybernetic lecture halls, we will try to distill all the exciting information in the vanguard of homeopathic practice and clinical research. We will also address the needs of novice homeopaths who must grasp the basics before trying to assimilate the enormous amount of information stored in our literature.
awMost homeopathic periodicals publish fascinating cases of relatively unknown or new remedies that broaden the scope of homeopathy. We, however, are not a magazine but an online school. In order to promote further study of the most important and frequently needed remedies and to update the established drug-pictures, we will publish cases of the longstanding polycrests as well.
bwIf you wish to publish your cases or articles here, please note that we reserve the right to edit them for clarity and provide our students with editorial comments and analyses. We pay for our publications.

The staff of our school will offer the following classes for you:

Every second week, in our Case Study classroom, we present a successful case. You are welcome to submit your own material. Please follow the guidelines of homeopathic magazines when writing up your case. We accept cases previously published in other media. All our published cases are subsequently stored at the Library and can be found through our search engine (ask our librarian, Ms. Chang, to help you with your search).

The Materia Medica and Repertory classrooms are used as forums to discuss the Remedy of the Month from the currently published cases.

April ‘99: WWLycopodium clavatum

Week One: A Case of Psoriasis

Here we publish monthly history lessons as well as some interesting cases by famous practitioners. Your participation is greatly appreciated.

Kina-Kina: a Homeopathic Story

We also want to introduce three new services to the homeopathic community.

Those of you who are beginning your study of homeopathy and do not have all the necessary texts and computer programs can send us your difficult cases and we will repertorize them for you.

Your case must be organized and the symptoms outlined properly to enable us to help you with repertorization.

Materia Medica Search
If, on the other hand, you need to search materia medica for an obscure symptom or a disease that is missing from your repertory or has a name that you are unsure how to spell according to Kent, we will find it for you.

Disease Rubrics
Finally, if your patient has a disease that you are not very familiar with, we will send you a detailed medical description and explanation, as well as suggestions about Repertory rubrics you should use for this case.

If you agree, we will post your analyzed or repertorized case or questions for others to see, and you will receive a ten per cent discount.

If you wish to post your case for general discussion, you should do so through our HomeoLand forums, which are free but available only to the members of the homeopathic community.

1. Case analysis …….. … ……………….. .. $25
2. Case repertorization …………………….. $25
3. Disease description ……….…………….. $15
4. Materia medica search ……………………. $15


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