HOMEOPATHY FOR CHILDREN: This site contains free information about alternative medicine. Our Naturopathic Cyberclinic was created for the on-line treatment of children’s diseases with homeopathy. We accept simple acute cases of illness for on-line professional consultation—for more information, please, check with Marcia at the Reception. before their birth, as we treat and educate their mothers about homoeopathy and holistic medicine during their pregnancy, so that the baby is born well into a healthy family.


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Personal Medical News
If you wish, I can also work as a traditional librarian, regularly scanning the Internet and journals for the latest news in a specific field. For example, if someone in your family suffers from a chronic disease, you probably want to know the most recent advances in treating this condition. Perhaps you are interested in the current research on the quality of sunscreens or certain food products, or in a particular alternative medicine field. I can become your personal expert in the health field of your choice and regularly filter the data for you. You will no longer need to search the Web, allow mammoth graphics to load for hours, or pay for special search services and magazines. Sit back, relax, and let your personal librarian do this job for you; the information will arrive regularly in your e-mail. To receive this service click here.

Reading Room
Come to our Reading Room while you are waiting to see a practitioner at our Woman & Child Naturopathic CyberClinic
. You will find many interesting articles about health and alternative medicine here.

Read our monthly homeopathic Fairytales to you children.

Find out about famous female healers of the past in our Medicine Woman of the Month column, learn about new diseases and discoveries in the field of medicine in our Medicine News bulletin.


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