HOMEOPATHY FOR CHILDREN: This site contains free information about alternative medicine. Our Naturopathic Cyberclinic was created for the on-line treatment of children’s diseases with homeopathy. We accept simple acute cases of illness for on-line professional consultation—for more information, please, check with Marcia at the Reception.

Hi, we are your naturopathic coaches, Ivette and Laurie.

Welcome to the MoonLand Gymnasium!

If you have any questions, suggestions, or submissions, please email to gym@moonland.com Faxx1(800) 813-7172 or 1(416) 536-6700

The following services can be found in the halls of this Gymnasium

Fitness News

· Discover healthy weight loss techniques

· Read about the latest scientific discoveries in the field of fitness and exercise

· Learn natural ways to increase your vitality, endurance, and strength

Injury Treatment

Consult us regarding the homeopathic and naturopathic treatment of your injuries. The price for this online consultation is $15.


Burn More Fat
Exercise for Bones
Forest Ozone


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