Homeopathy for the whole family: this page belongs to the earth-bound office of a naturopathic doctor Helen Cohen, ND. Helen practices naturopathic medicine and pediatric homeopathy at the Woman & Child Naturopathic Clinic at 333 Danforth Ave in Riverdale, 647.720.2233. If you wish to go our CyberClinic, please, check with Marcia at Reception

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Woman and Child Naturopathic Clinic is located downtown Toronto in Riverdale at 333 Danforth Ave


-- Helen Cohen is a naturopathic physician specializing in classical homeopathy. If you wish to learn more about this healing art, you can visit MoonLand Library and ask Donna for a Dictionary.


Naturopathic Doctor Cohen is a graduate of the University of Toronto (Engineering 83) and the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine (90) and is licensed to practice Naturopathy in Ontario, Canada. Helen has also had three years of European medical training and possesses a wide variety of interests in biophysics, child psychology, anthropology, philosophy, politics, and various healing practices. She frequently writes for health magazines and homeopathic medical journals and is presently working on a book, Dialectical Medicine: Homeopathy and Beyond. Helen has been a student of classical homeopathy for the past fifteen years, taking extensive postgraduate training in it. She has been in private practice in Toronto as a naturopathic physician since 1990, treating children, their families, and their pets at her Woman & Child Naturopathic Clinic.

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