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Personal Naturopathic Supplementation Plan

No Naturopatic Physician in your town to plan the supplementation program for your pregnancy? Your postpartum needs? The nutrition demands of your growing baby?

Do not despair! In this online Clinic, your very own Naturopathic doctor will design a Supplementation Program to address your specific needs. No more health food store clerks to address your concerns about your nutritional and supplementation requirements. No more programs that are "good for everyone"! Because you know how unique you and your kids are. Because you have learned about the distinctive needs of the growing and nurturing bodies.

Dr. Shelly Landau will put together a simple yet comprehensive program for any member of your family, and, as soon as it is complete, it will be shipped to you together with thorough personal instructions on how to take the herbs and supplements that are included in it. And, as your needs change, so will your program.

You can also find information on our site about every herb, vitamin, enzyme, or mineral that is included in your supplement. Not only that, you can design your own program and put your supplement package together using our informative nutritional database. And if you worry about missing certain nutrients or don’t know how to better combine the ingredients for yourself—Dr. Shelly will only be glad to help. Just to make this a more fulfilling and nurturing experience, we will not charge you anything for this naturopathic consultation. You would only pay the price of the ingredients and the shipping cost (taxes are applicable for the residents of Ontario, Canada)

If you experience any problems, please, e-mail or fax this form to us and give us a call: voice 905 773-4325, fax 416 536-6700. Thank you. Marcia

about Dr. Landau

(You don't have to answer all the questions, but the more we know the better we'll be able to ascertain your needs with respect to your age and your state of health)

Email address:
List the herbs/supplements you are taking now
Daily dosage:
Describe your current state of health:
Are you currently on a diet?
Are you nursing/pregnant?
Anything else we need to know?

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