HOMEOPATHY FOR CHILDREN: This site contains free information about alternative medicine. Our Naturopathic Cyberclinic was created for the on-line treatment of children’s diseases with homeopathy. We accept simple acute cases of illness for on-line professional consultation—for more information, please, check with Marcia at the Reception.

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These virtual places are available for rent to either medical practitioners or anyone in search of an audience and customers.


If you are a health care provider, you can rent an office at our Naturopathic Cyberclinic; otherwise, you can settle in other parts of MoonLand: choose from dozens of hills, meadows, or valleys.

We take care of advertising in this office as well. Call or e-mail for a quote on the various types of advertisements available on our pages.


-- Affordable web page design & programming

-- Free Home page plus one e-mail address for girls under 12 (no advertising spam will come with this e-mail service)

-- Free Home Page & free design / graphics for low-income or stay-at-home mothers

-- Free Home Page for health practitioners

-- Registration with 1000 search engines

For any of the above services, e-mail admin@moonland.com, call (416) 538-7839, or fax 1(416) 536-6700.

home / site map / apothecary / bazaar / cafe / clinic / chat / gym / library / office / lands / rights / school / tips

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