HOMEOPATHY FOR CHILDREN: This site contains free information about alternative medicine. Our Naturopathic Cyberclinic was created for the on-line treatment of children’s diseases with homeopathy. We accept simple acute cases of illness for on-line professional consultation—for more information, please, check with Marcia at the Reception.

Hi, my name is Samantha.

Welcome to my Apothecary. Here, we carry the best brands of homeopathic medicines and naturopathic supplements for you.


The companies presented on this page are from all over the world. You can either order your medicine by going directly to their site or place a phone order if they are in your neighbourhood.


In this Apothecary we have Articles that explain how homeopathic medicines are made. Or you can visit our Reading Room for articles that ponder on both theoretical and practical aspects of Homeopathy as a healing art. You can also stop by our Woman & Child Naturopathic Clinic to see the Examples of the conditions that can be treated by homeopathic medicine. To To place your ad, visit our Business Office or email to admin@moonland.com

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